To visit this advertiser. Type the brand name in the search bar and click the link to visit their Website, Web Page, Social Page or Link Provided in iYavo Search Results.

Every time a page is loaded, refreshed or visited a different advert shows on the advertising network on iYavo Look at the bottom of the results page and you will see an advert. Refresh or visit the page again and you will see another advert shows automatically. Our Advertisers Share Impressions and Views on iYavo.Com At any time you can divide the pool of advertisers by Impressions or Page Views to Determine How Many Impressions or Views Your Ad Got on iYavo. The More Impressions, The more Views you get the more Free Clicks you Get. Clicks to Your Website from Your Free Link in Search Results on iYavo, Means You Get Unlimited Free Clicks to Your Website from iYavo with No Cost Per Click. You Pay for Views and Impressions, Getting Free Likes and Free Shares Accross Multiple Social Networks by Clicking the Share Buttons. Sign Up to Participate in iYavo Pay Per View Advertising Network and Get Unlimited Free Clicks to Your Website from iYavo.Com You can participate in the advertising network on iYavo contact us on Chat by Clicking the Messenger Icon on the Front Page to add your advert to the iYavo advertising network.

All advertisers in category B the standard iYavo advertising network get the same preferential treatment. All advertisers get the same amount of Ad Displays Per Page View. To get Page Views, Ad Displays, Impressions and Clicks to Your Website from Your Ad in the advertising network on iYavo you need to be an advertiser on iYavo Add your advert to be served to visitors per page view on iYavo automatically after ad review and acceptance. on iYavo your ads do not stop impressing when someone clicks on your ad. Your Impressions keep running with unlimited free clicks to your website. This is achieved by adding your site in the free iYavo network and running page views and ad impressions in the iYavo standard or premium advertising network. When someone views your ad and likes what they see they can type your brand in the search bar, see your free page and free link and click on the link to your website unlimited times, Free.

Your Page Views, Likes, Shares and Impressions Keep Going and That Means Unlimited Visitors to Your Webiste, Web Page, Social Page, Any Page on the Internet, Mobile Phone or Instant Chat Messenger. Unlimited Visitors to Your Page on the Internet or Mobile Phone. Get more internet traffic by using the iYavo Ad Network. Tip. As an iYavo, standard or premium advertiser also put a free link to your website in the iYavo Free Search Engine and Free Internet Directory, When Someone See's Your Ad in the Ad Network and types in your brand in the search bar, your free listing will be there with a free link and unlimited free clicks to your website.

People can click on your link to visit your website direct from iYavo. This means you get unlimited Clicks to Your Website. The more impressions you get means more free clicks to your website from If you want to generate organic traffic, clicks, likes, views, shares then become an advertiser on iYavo.Com Pay Per View and Get Unlimited Free Clicks to Your Website. The more page views, likes, shares, impressions of your ad on iYavo results in more free clicks and visitors to your website from

iYavo category A premium advertising network. For people looking for more Ad Displays, Page Views, Impressions and Clicks the iYavo premium advertising network provides more Ad Displays, Page Views, Impressions, Clicks and Visitors for a select number of premium advertisers.

iYavo category C user page advertiser. Each time you click on a user profile or user page you will see an automtatic rotating banner at the top of the page. Each time a user profile page is viewed a different advert is shown in the banner space ontop of the user page. This is also a shared impressions and views advertiser pool. The Ad impressions and Views are based on how many user profiles or user pages are viewed. You can participate in the user page ad space on iYavo by participating in Advertiser category C.

iYavo category D special advertising network provides custom advertising for select premium advertising network clients. There are a number of places in our network where custom advertising solutions that respect user privacy can be deployed. For more likes, views, shares, impressions, clicks and visitors participate in the iYavo special advertising network. You need to be a premium advertiser to participate in special advertising. Start with a standard advertising account bump up to premium and user page and see you here for special advertising when you are ready.

All user information is managed and controlled by themselves. Our Ad network is owned and managed by ourselves. We provide custom and tailored advertising solutions that respect user privacy and display in a way that does not disrupt user experience. Essentially we are providing a Free Search Engine, Free Internet Directoy, Free Internet Traffic, Free Messaging Service and Private Media Messaging Service from which we want to delight our customers. We provide our free services supported by the iYavo advertising network. With user experience top of mind.

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Terms and conditions apply to be an advertiser on iYavo Once your ad is accepted it will automatically serve to visitors on iYavo and automatically rotate alongside other advertisers sharing in views, impressions, searches and clicks for your brand from Get your advert seen on iYavo by contacting us on chat and requesting to be an advertiser.
To be Honest Pay Per View and Pay Per Click Works Pretty Much the Same the Main Difference is How Much You are Paying for How Many Clicks to Your Website. A Primary Advantage being on iYavo is Organic Traffic. iYavo does not apply an Algorythm to Results. This Means the Most Relevant Result for a Search Query is Shown Regardless of an Algorythm. If Your Website is Relevant to a Search Query. You Will See Your Website as a Search Result on iYavo. I suppose there is an embedded Algorithym by Nature in Computer Processing. The Best Way to See is to Try it. You Really Will See Your Website on and Get Free Clicks to Your Website from if you want a Boost for Organic Internet Traffic, Use the iYavo Pay Per View Ad Network. More Views, More Likes, More Impressions More Clicks and More Visitors to Your Website Free.

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