Every time a page is loaded, refreshed or visited a different advert shows on the advertising network on iYavo Look at the bottom of the results page and you will see an advert. Refresh or visit the page again and you will see another advert shows automatically. You can participate in the advertising network on iYavo contact the Help Desk to add your advert to the iYavo advertising network. Impressions are shared amongst our list of advertisers.

All advertisers in the standard iYavo advertising network get the same preferential treatment. All advertisers get the same amount of impressions. To get impressions in the advertising network on iYavo you need to be an advertiser on iYavo Add your advert to be served to visitors on iYavo automatically after ad review and acceptance.

iYavo premium advertising network. For people looking for more impressions the iYavo premium advertising network provides more impressions for a select number of premium advertisers.

iYavo special advertising network provides custom advertising for select premium advertising network clients.

Terms and conditions apply to be an advertiser on iYavo Once your ad is accepted it will automatically serve to visitors on iYavo and automatically rotate alongside other advertisers sharing in impressions from iYavo Get your advert seen on iYavo by contacting the help desk and requesting to be an advertiser.

iYavo Advertising Network: choose from a variety of ways to get advertising, choose from which advertising engagement will work best for you and your wants and needs. Run your Advert and Banner on www.iyavo.com

To Participate in Advertiser Impressions on www.iyavo.com Contact the Help Desk to Become an Advertiser and Get Impressions for Your Ad on www.iyavo.com